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The Team

Who We Are


Bill Jones

Photographer | Videographer 

I'm the guy with the camera. I Love my family and my community and am always eager to help in any way I can. After spending 6 years working full-time for SuperATV doing photo and Video and most recently managing their media team, In early 2022 I left to pursue my dream of running my own business. Now with full-time availability I can best serve my clients and spend more time volunteering in my beautiful hometown of Madison Indiana. Hobbies include Motorsports, Family time, Cooking, Video games, Comedy, and music.



Savannah Jones

Supportive Wife

My incredible wife, the love of my life. From time to time you'll see her out with me second shooting and giving me a hand where needed. She's the real backbone of this family and has continued to push me over the years to be the best possible version of myself. She's currently working her way through nursing school and somehow still manages to hold our family together. 10/10. Would marry again.


Alice Jones

Motivational Coach

The most amazing daughter I could have ever imagined. She's my biggest motivation in this life and proves to me day in and day out just how incredible life is. Being the father she needs and setting a good example for her is what keeps me going. On occasion, she's been known to come along for photoshoots and help out.

Fun fact: Wonderland Studios name was inspired by Alice. 



Product Manager

Cheddar has been a fantastic employee for almost 2 years now. We hired Cheddar at a recruiting event at Purrfect Day Café in November of 2020. Her interests include running around the house frantically at 2am and playfully antagonizing her sister.



Office Manager

Nala is our precious fatty-doodoo. She's been with us for over 8 years now. She's a big fan of eating and sleeping. She pretends to be grumpy a lot, but she loves attention and to sit in my seat every time I get up and walk out of the room. 

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